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Honor 9 Lite Elegance and Performance

Honor 9 Lite Elegance and Performance

The best option for mid-range cellphone, the Chinese enterprise Honor delivery us this year the Honor 9 Lite. This device brings incredible components and a beautiful screen, for the best experience you can imagine.

The screen of this model is one of its star characteristics. It has a ratio panel 18: 9 but not a large diagonal. The 5.65 inches make it very comfortable to have it in your hand and in the day to day it seems that we have a 5-inch mobile, something unthinkable today.

Outdoors the visibility is correct although sometimes we see some reflections, of course, in direct sunlight or in closed spaces with rare windows, it is the mobile that does not suffer.


In the software section there are many possibilities, such as programming the time to turn on and off the reading mode, which reduces the blue light, we can change the color temperature of the screen and even activate the application drawer.

Honor has chosen to go to the latest version of Android, the 8.0 Oreo, something that is a success and that makes many rivals of the same price range lose in comparison.


Can you unlock this device?

Of course We can! please come and check our website and find excellent offers and promotion. Ready to unlock this device and many more devices, just meet the requirements and if your phone is not blacklisted, we will be happy to unlock your Honor 9 Lite from EE / O2 / Orange / T-Mobile / Tesco / Three / Virgin / Vodafone.

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